Hans-Joachim Hespos

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  • Ohrenatmer
    A Scenic Event
    Mezzo-soprano, clarinet/sax, double bass, a mime, 1981

  • Seiltanz
    Scenic Adventure
    Special ensemble: sax, clarinet, trumpet, 2 trombones, percussionist, double bass, actor, conductor, 1982

  • mini mal !
    A woman, 1982

  • Ankle Beat
    Anyone, 1982

  • CLAY-man's-VERT
    A free-air action
    Any large number of musicians, voices, dancers, as well as coordinators, four conductors, a light artist, a director, 1986

  • Man/Scafala
    For musical full-figured person and ara-steel plates, 1987

    Accordion, clarinet/tárogató/sax, cimbasso/contrabass tuba, double bass, voice/moving actor, stage work, voice/moving actor/conductor, lighting team, 1988

  • Striggles
    For some 30 different actors/actresses, 1988

  • Fulaar
    Things in a room, 1989

  • Black Beauty
    Snare drum (with snares on), actress with cross-fantasy, - coq dream/dancer/craziness, worker, a man for various tasks: opportunity piano, Klüpfel, light technician, lighting assistant, 1993

    Prelude to Black Beauty
    Event Scenes live with tape, video, film, slides, etc. (ready-mades + 5 performers), 1994

  • p A p
    Thermodynamic Ritual
    Motor block, oboe/also English horn, bassoon/also contrabassoon, double bass, piano, manager/conductor, 3-4 actors/actresses, a worker, 1994

  • Eine ganz andere Geschichte
    For first-grade schoolchildren, 1995

  • O p !
    Celebratory video scene with viola, percussionists and tape, 1996

  • p a s s o
    March to the Stars in 3 Acts and Finale Pipes, humming choir, sax, drums, percussion and clarinet, trumpets, trombone, electric guitars, click metal, 1999

    concept, 2003

  • p h á l a g x
    große balkonSzene PP4 außen/innen für gaukler, musikanten, artisten
    Oboe in hoch f, Englischhorn, es-Clarinet, Tárogató, Contrabaßsarrusophon - Horn,
    Trumpet in C/ d-Trumpet, Tenortrombone, Tenorbasstrombone, Tuba/Kontrabaßsousaphon
    2 female Voices, Fender-Rhodes Piano/s.a.nord link:externwww.clavia.se , E-Baß - 6 Percussion, ElectroAkustik, "anjol"-Conductor, Group of artists, 2007

    musikalische kammerszenein chaotischen episoden für 4 personen, 2013
    clash rehearsal: link:externmovie at YouTube
    clash concert: link:externmovie at YouTube

  • tanzgesänge K
    dancer, electroacoustic, 2015

translation: dan albertson

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